Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Writers and Health


First exam went will, if a bit painful, but the next stage will be working the torn hernias that are likely to pose problems as far as the space needed for the prostrate shave or removal process. It's a bit crowded down there for the room to work; def going to ask to be put under for this entire procedure, and expect them to get as much done as possible. They might do the prostrate surgery then hand me off to a hernia specialist (another out patient facility where I'll have to start the process all over again). I''m afraid of this massive trade off to specialists, who will have their own payments plans with extra medication that I probably won't need.

FYI: Do not sit at your computer eight to 10 hours a day (year after year) without breaking and walking about for a good 15 minutes. Keep you legs circulating via swift walks or massage. Perform full body stretching and neck rotations. Tale deep breaths outside and then relax your heart. Take one aspirin everyday without fail, and stop smoking. Blood clots show no mercy when they break free and travel to the heart, lungs or in the brain where they can cause serious vein and arterial blockages that can kill you. Stroke and pulmonary embolism kills 1/3 of it victims. Don't EVEN give it a chance. This goes for driving trucks long distances, secretarial work, airline flights and other static positions. Bluntly, if your job requires you to sit on yous ass all day, you're in serious contention for a clot in the lower legs. Kidney stones are another problem and nearly as serious. Be attentive to the silent killers who are waiting in the wings. Don't give them the chance. Start early on your health regime and stay with it. Stay mobile and eat the proper foods. You'll be glad you did.