Thursday, October 9, 2014

Writer's Heath

Sorry it's been such a long time for a post but I do have a legit excuse. I've been in and out of three hospitals lately over a period of 2 months, plus. It took forever for a cardio specialist to find out why I was nearly suffocating. In short, A blood clot in my leg traveled up and plowed into my heart, nearly wrecking it and producing an A-fib condition. The clot exploded and traveled to both lungs, where it shut down my breathing. I'm currently on heavy and precise meds and oxygen, trying to recoup slowly every day. It's been a critical time for me to say the least. 

Warning to all writers out there: Get up out of that typing chair and exercise those legs. I'd been idle for the past eight years, ignoring cardio exercise. Now I'm paying the piper for it. Force yourself to take at least a swift 45-minute walk every day if you are shackled to a desk. 

I'm going to hang in there and obey the doc's commandments, hoping I pull through this or at least recovery enough to lead a normal life.

Love to all who have e-mailed on the social media sites.