Saturday, July 7, 2012

Journey Interrupted Hits Kindle

Forgive me. Another publishing announcement. They just keep rolling in.

Journey Interrupted, from the Planet Janitor series, has just arrived on Kindle and can be had for $.99. This prequel short is 32 pages long and contains artwork crafted by the talented Toni Zhang. Get ready for some tragedy this time; all is not well in the conclusion.

(BTW, now I know what it's like to write one of the Star Trek episodes—it ain't easy)

 Planet Janitor: Journey Interrupted (Engage Science Fiction) (Digital Short) (Planet Janitor: Digital Short)

Book Description

July 5, 2012
The crew of Planet Janitor Corporation are on the tail end of a salvage mission in the asteroid belt when they encounter a ghost ship. Faced with a volatile substance onboard, the crew race against the clock to commandeer the vessel before it reaches the Exon Refueling Station. What they find on the ship will stress their abilities to the limit, and put their lives in imminent danger.

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