Friday, February 24, 2012

Writing and Marketing Woes

I should have said "pleasure" instead of woes.  But it sure can be tedious at times, multi-tasking, writing new material, banging out edits on mulitple books, trying to stay updated with your agent and marketing your Bermuda shorts off.  I wonder when I'll take a break at times, but that inner life-clock of mine keeps on ticking and taking little snippets of juice out of me.

I think I've spammed the world, but the world is snoozing.

I don't take breaks, and I guess therein lies the problem.  For the past six years it's been eight to twelve hour stints at the screen, with no let up and no vacations.  I never leave the house, except to do chores, and even resist going out in public, knowing that my time is better spent splashing ink.

This is the toughest mental vocation I ever got myself locked into.  And locked is the correct term.  It can be like a self-imposed prison.  Honest to God, I can't see how anyone has the time or energy to write when they have a full-time job, kids, and a loving spouse who requires their attention.  I'm glad I'm single.  I'm lonely, oh yes, but I wouldn't  put a household and loved ones through the mess that is my life.

Dear writer: take a well deserved break now and again. You need to recharge your system, gather your thoughts and organize your portfolio. Approaching the brink of exhaustion, does not a happy writer make. I'm starting to take walks now. Even a visit to the grocery store is a welcomed change of scenery. You have to let your mind experience alternatives. 

Loving rant over...

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